About Us

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Lunchbox is all about great tasting fresh food that is convenient, good value and served with fantastic customer service.

We’ve distilled our direction into some core values. The stuff we’re not prepared to compromise and pursue day in, day out:

Fresh food Our food is made daily in our West Perth kitchen using locally sourced produce.  We use proper raw ingredients. Real chicken, not processed chicken. Fresh produce, not produce that has been outseen its useful life.

Value We create the best quality produce at the best price possible

Variety We provide a wide range of food in order to cater for the tastes for as many of our customers as we can.

Convenience It has to be convenient. We want you to be able to get it fast in one location. And we want you to be able to get everything that you need in a lunchbox.

Friendly Whether it be your first time in or one of our many regulars, you’ll always leave Lunchbox with a smile on your face. Great food, friendly staff & Good to Go!

Innovative We want our store to excite and engage customers so we’re always providing our customers with new produce offerings and new taste sensations.

How did all this begin?
We began by considering some possibilities. What if convenience is the friend of fresh rather than being coupled with fat and fast?

What if affordable is friends with value rather than compromised by cheap and uncheerful?

What about simple food alternatives that aren’t nutritionally compromised?

And what if we did all of that within a creative shopping environment with the hint of a cheeky smile?

It was right about then that Lunchbox was born! A fusion of convenient, affordable, simple food that’s fresh and tastes great.

It might just be a quick stop for lunch or breakfast, it might be a dash for some take-home dinner, but we figure that’s no reason for it to be unmemorable! Brilliant even!

Enjoy your Lunchbox!